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Hard Money Bankers Review: Are They The Best Hard Money Lenders?

Hard Money Bankers, LLC was founded in 2007. Its’ mortgage and legal specialists offer a broad range of services linked to hard/private money property transactions, such as underwriting, loan placement, closing and title, and the servicing and production of loan documents. With offices in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, the company provides nationwide loans and can approve these within one day. Borrowers who have credit or income problems are welcome as customers, and the company can finance all construction and acquisition expenses. It can fund short sales and bank REO/ foreclosure properties as well.

Hard Money Loans 101

So, what is a hard money loan? A hard money loan is a loan agreement where the loan amount is backed by property that the borrower owns. With these types of loans, lenders are not concerned with how creditworthy the borrower is. Providing the real estate that is used for loan security is sufficient to cover any transaction interest rates and the loan balance, lenders know that they will be able to recover any losses suffered by missed repayments.

Businesses might opt for hard money loans to obtain vital funds within a short time period. Individuals who have experienced a recent credit crisis, but who still have a property in their name, could find that this kind of asset focused financing is the perfect way for them to acquire capital, while repairing their credit score simultaneously.

Get to Know the Team

The Hard Money Bankers Team are the some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. They strive to make the lending process as smooth as possible while also maintaining a high level of honesty and professionalism. Let’s get to know the team!

Jason Balin, Senior Underwriter – Jason is a property investor who lives in Columbia, MD. Before Hard Money Bankers, he set up numerous property investment companies and has years of experience working as a mortgage broker, estate agent and property investor. He has a BS management degree and coaching sciences minor.

Chris Haddon, Investor Relations – Chris wears several hats at Hard Money Bankers. His roles include underwriter, loan originator and partner. He started his property finance career with a big commercial bank, and founded a property investment company before setting up Hard Money Bankers with his colleagues. Chris has a Spanish degree from Seville University and the University of Salisbury.

Jeff Shiller, Legal Counsel — Jeff is a property lawyer from Howard County, MD. He serves as the Hard Money Bankers general counsel and is a Maryland Bar member. In 1994, he graduated from Baltimore Law School and has run and owned numerous title businesses.

(Check out this recent post to get to know more about the team at Hard Money Bankers.)

The Reviews Speak for Themselves

Don’t just take our word for it! The reviews speak for themselves! Hard Money Bankers, LLC has an impressive four-star rating on Facebook and a five-star rating on Yelp. Most reviewers on these platforms, which include both novice and experienced real estate investors, comment on how helpful the team is and how quickly they manage to close deals. ‘Consummate professionals’ is a phrase that keeps appearing in virtually every Hard Money Bankers review online.

Apply for a Hard Money Loan Today!

If you want to acquire a loan, you can fill out a free, no obligation application form on the Hard Money Bankers website at Once you submit this form, an agent will contact you soon after on the telephone number you provided. You can also call the company on (800) 883 8290. A good way to learn more about the services offered by the company is to follow them on Facebook, or check out their channel on

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