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Four Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Salesperson

Salespeople are the lifeline of a company. They are the people who help a company make sales, which is one of the most important aspects of running a business.

This is why every business looks for skilled salespeople, but that’s not a position that is easy to fill.

Hiring sales people is not easy. There sure are many capable candidates out there, but it’s hard to find the right one especially due to the huge competition out there. Plus, many candidates are not skilled and only try their luck due to the opportunities out there.

To help you make the right decisions, given below are four things you should consider when hiring a salesperson:


When sorting through resumes, separate ones that belong to experienced candidates. Experience plays a vital role in understanding how sales works. A salesperson who is experienced would understand how to deal with customers and change a potential client into a client.

They can start bagging sales right on the first day with a little bit of guidance because they have an idea about how to handle clients and win them over with good skills.

However, experienced candidates are typically expensive, and not all might be good. First of all, you should look for candidates who have experience in your niche. Secondly, you should also pay attention to fresh candidates as they are affordable and also often have the urge to learn, which can be beneficial for your company.

All in all, find a balance between experienced and new employees.

  1. How Passionate Are They?

A lot can be said about a person by listening to what they are passionate about. This is why candidates should cover hobbies and passions when writing a sales resume, in addition to a cover letter about why they want to work in this field.

Employers can read this to understand if they actually wish to get hired because they enjoy the job or only because they have no other option.

3.Selling Skills

This is the most important skill and also the most difficult to judge. Making a sale is not easy. About 71% of sales experts say that closing more deals is their number one priority, but 28% of these salespeople also believe that closing deals is the most difficult part of the job. Therefore, you must check a potential employee’s skills before you hire them.

Ask them to sell something to you during the interview. Analyze their level of confidence, skills and determination and how they push you into making a sale.

Research says that buyers buy products that appear to be beneficial to them, hence a good salesperson is one who highlights the benefits of a product to the user instead of covering general pros of it.

See how they propose the product to you to judge their skills.

  1. Attitude

Salespeople must have a friendly and a calm attitude because they have to deal with every kind of customer out there. Some customers are friendly, and some are not. Some might even get angry and abusive. Salespeople must know how to keep their calm under all situations and not get carried away.

You can judge this skill by testing their patience and general attitude towards life.

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