Focused Training on Credit Control and Management of Credit

Society operates on credit and, by extension, the world economy has its foundation on credit. For the minute percentage of individuals and businesses that are able to operate on a cash-only basis, managing credit is not a major concern. However, the vast majority of transactions at every level depend on one party extending credit to another.

For a large organisation or commercial operation, controlling the use of credit leads to increased revenue and lower risk. The path to these results is marked by increasing collections, reducing credit costs, extending credit to creditworthy clients, and developing credit terms that keep your organisation competitive in your chosen industry.

Focused Training

Fortunately, for those who want to learn more about this type of career and for those who already work in the field but want to fine-tune their skills, focused credit control training is available from a company with more than two decades of experience. In fact, if you want to keep in touch with the latest developments in this area and maximise your personal performance, you have the opportunity to take part in a three-day residential workshop (Credit Management Masterclass, 15-17 November).

This class is designed by Credit Management Training LTD. for credit professionals who want to examine key issues affecting performance in commercial credit management. Participants will devote three days to a mixture of exploration and discovery on a personal basis along with attaining knowledge, skills, and behaviours to support their development as credit professionals. One of the key elements will be learning to manage stress effectively so the process can move forward efficiently.

The company organising and presenting this Level 4 or 5 class delivers a range of credit, finance, customer care, professional development, leadership, and management courses for organisations in all fields of endeavour. Note: If you’ve completed and passed the Diploma Course in Credit Management or if you have CICM qualifications, the additional exam and case study can qualify you for Level 5.

Highlights of the Course

The course will deal with relevant and topical issues in addition to addressing your personal needs in this field. You’ll work closely with like-minded people to discover new ways to assess commercial credit risk. As you sharpen your skills, you’ll be inspired to progress and excel in your career while gaining 30 Continued Personal Development points. As a credit professional, you will be raising your profile within the industry, fine-tuning your attitudes and awareness in reference to credit, learning how to better manage your resources, and finding new opportunities.

The course from Credit Management Training LTD. will also address such essential topics as how to win by managing people, how to excel as a credit management consultant, and the details of accounts analysis and credit scoring. If you need to understand more about economic forecasts for credit professionals, you’ll have plenty of time to review indicators, study economic trends, and engage in strategic forecasting. As mentioned, you’ll also work closely with the subject of stress management and control of information overload.


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