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Five Benefits to Issuing Wristbands at Events

Event security is more important than ever with violent crimes committed in public places. Determining if someone is authorised to be in a building or in a part of an arena at a glance can help save lives. One way to manage events is to issue colourful wristbands to staff and event attendees to help security quickly identify people.

Manage Guests

When a large crowd is at a nightclub or a concert, it can be difficult to manage everyone efficiently. However, by issuing colour-coded wristbands, club or event staff will be able to tell who is a VIP, which guests are old enough to be served alcohol, and who is allowed backstage. Identifying guests at a glance helps keep the event running smoothly for staff and security.

Fewer Delays

By identifying guests, staff, or vendors at a glance by the colour of their wristbands, there will be fewer delays for guests waiting to enter a large event, such as a concert or convention. Security can wave through vendors or staff by identifying their wristbands, guide guests to the areas they are allowed, and stop them when they enter unauthorised areas. With fewer delays, the guests will be happier and everything will run smoothly.


By issuing silicone wristbands for events, they will not be ruined if they get wet, and they are more secure because they cannot be torn off. The only way to remove them is to cut them off with scissors. If staff or security spots someone in an event without a wristband, they can stop them and ask to see their ticket or escort them to a private area to question them. It can make an event safer for everyone in attendance and help stop crimes from being committed.

Creates Brand Awareness

Since information can be printed on wristbands, corporate sponsors can add their names to them to create awareness of their brands. If they sponsor a concert, an appearance of a band at a pub, or a charity event, they can have their name printed on the wristbands to make attendees aware of their sponsorship. Depending on the event, a sponsor can gain customers or attention for their products.

Provides Safety

Issuing wristbands at children’s events can help parents and staff keep track of their charges and which organisation or school they are with at the venue. The school or the group can give children colour-coded wristbands with their group’s name on them so they can easily be reconnected with their staff or parents if a child gets lost.

Issuing wristbands to guests or event attendees provides many benefits, including security and safety because people can be identified by a quick glance at an event.

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