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Find the Linen Service “Partner” That Helps You Deliver Great Customer Service

The top providers of outstanding linen service know that hotels, restaurants, and cafés have choices when it comes to getting the items that they need to deliver service to clients. A bit of competition is always healthy in any line of business. But choices can lead to confusion for the customer because it’s essential for them to have laundry services and linen supply that’s better than “good.”

This can be a benefit to the customer, however, because suppliers will generally try to outperform each other to attract and retain clients. When you select the right company, you’ll be sure to receive clean, crisp linens for table, bed, bath, and kitchen. And you can always depend on having what you need when you need it.

Key Word: Quality

The goal, the objective, for every business in the hospitality industry is to deliver consistent quality. It’s crucial for these cafés, restaurants, hotels, and bed-and-breakfast operations to have the cleanest white linens, towels, chef’s jackets, and cloth napkins. But how do you select the “best” linen service? What criteria do you use to choose your supplier when the items that you use are your personal contact with each customer who comes through your door?

You certainly don’t have the time or extra revenue to make the wrong choice. In fact, you may be searching for a new, reliable provider because your first choice didn’t live up to expectations. If your first contact with a representative of the linen service is pleasant and informative, you’re probably on the right path. But ultimately the wisdom of your selection will be proven by the quality of materials that the supply company purchases and delivers to you.

With this in mind, you may find that you should avoid the lowest price. Don’t make this the primary factor influencing your decision, in any case. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you learn that the most dependable linen service firms can provide the finest quality without making you pay a premium price. Some supply companies have to choose the lowest price to remain competitive. But you’ll find that one or two leading firms are more than happy to discuss how they source their linen products because they’re proud of their consistent quality.

Your Marketing Efforts

You’d be wise to work with industry leaders such as Stalbridge Linen Services because, as mentioned, the uniforms, towels, bed linens and so on are your most effective tool for marketing. You get practical use from the items, of course. But you also present the heart of your business to each customer and guest every time that he or she uses one of the linen products. Linens should always reflect the quality of your operation in colour, material, and cleanliness.

Time and delivery are two key elements to consider when choosing your linen service. Your provider should be able to give you the items that you need when you need them. You can learn about the delivery services and schedules when you visit the website of a company that you’re considering. Better yet, you may want to call and talk to a member of the staff to discuss the details of this important part of the service.

When you do, you’ll find that the leading suppliers in this field don’t expect customers to commit to long-term contracts, a flexibility factor that makes the working relationship convenient for the customer. You’ll also be working with well-trained, experienced customer support people when you choose one of the top suppliers. In fact, you should ask about having an area representative available to visit each customer on a consistent basis. This is one more step to ensure that you’re satisfied with the service provided.

Delivery and More

Once you set your delivery schedule, you can almost always be assured of receiving your items on time. In unusual cases, the items might arrive after the appointed time but you should never have to be without the clean, crisp items that you need to make the perfect impression on your customers. If stock issues do arise, you should be able to contact your representative at almost any time. When clean linen products are the heart of your business, you have every right to expect efficiency and unmatched quality.

Flexibility has been mentioned in connection with the length of contracts. You should ask the person you’re talking to about contract commitments and avoid them if at all possible. The hospitality industry changes; there’s no doubt about that. In fact, many hotels, restaurants, and other commercial operations have busy periods during the year and slow periods during the year. When you work with your linen supplier, they should be able to adjust to these changes with you.

You may even want to ask direct questions such as the “turnaround time” when you need to increase your inventory or want to add additional items to your on-site stock. It’s also important to have a personal, working relationship with your delivery person and the service manager who oversees the area or region in which you’re located. You should be able to contact them if you have an order you need at the last minute or if an item is missing from the stock just delivered. If you have questions about quality control, you should have access to your representative so you can clear up any issues that arise.

When trying to select the correct linen supply service for your specific business, you’d be wise to devote plenty of time to gathering background information and researching your choice. Focus on details about choosing the best supply company because you’ll be best served by spending your time at the beginning. This leads to a long-term relationship and means that you’ll avoid having to go through the process again.

You may also want to take a step that some business owners don’t take. Talk to colleagues and other business owners about their experiences with linen service companies. This is often the best way to help make a final decision. You can also read reviews and testimonials on websites to get this same type of information. Linen quality and cleanliness are the core of your business. Do all that you can to make the right choice.

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