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Features Of A Marketing Campaign That Make Or Break Its Success

It is now well established that human brain processes cognitive information in distinct ways. Pioneering work of Daniel Kahneman and his team has established that there are two systems by which we think. System one thoughts are mostly instant and intuitive decisions that we take; while System two activities are slower and use a shared pool of energy in the brain. These findings have greatly influenced the way marketing strategies are target the customer.

Market research driven by the clear categorisation of the target audience and the brand specific details will help the marketing department understand the data better, and consequently, they will be able to decide which system is more suitable for the success of their marketing campaign.

Creating awareness for the brand

If a research is aiming to collect responses on brand awareness, then the questionnaire or campaign should be focussed only on System one thinking of the respondents. This is because the data pertaining to brand awareness is valid only if the respondent went ahead and purchased the product of that brand. This decision is primarily instantaneous, and thus, the research campaign should tap the potential research that is based on System one thought processes of the customer.

Complexity of the campaign

Psychologists and experts have concluded that the more complex a marketing campaign is, the more likely it is to engage the consumer in System two thinking. If a market research consists of too many complex questions, more number of question types, or thought experiments, then they will collect responses based predominantly on System two thinking. Thus, the respondents are likely to scrutinise their responses and mask their true attitudes.

Creating beliefs

The power of advertising lies in the fact that it can create beliefs in the customers that will ultimately govern their purchase behaviour. Therefore, the aim of any marketing campaign and advertising should be to instil a ‘gut-feeling’ in the customer that the product should be bought. If his thought process is stirred, then brand awareness will surely lead to increased sales. The motto of the research team should be to embed the product in the customer’s System one sector of brain processing.

The best of both systems

Many successful marketing campaigns are based considerably on System one brain processing of the customer, but they also have elements of System two. This is because many purchase decisions are influenced by an extended decision making. Therefore, the campaigns that have an additional System two stimulating component that serves to reiterate the customers belief generated by System one thinking tend to be the most beneficial.

The ultimate goal of market research in marketing is to provide true data that can predict the buying tendencies of the customer; explain why certain products click with the customers, while others completely fall flat; and to be able to generate leads that will define the success of the campaign. Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind will be highly beneficial to anyone who wants to device a new marketing strategy and ensure its success.

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