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EPABX system vs SIP phones: Which one is better?

The telephone systems are critical for businesses. Regardless of the fact that you own a small company or a larger corporation, the telephone systems are backbone. It is considered as the primary means through which your clients and suppliers will be able to establish contact with your business. Moreover, all processes that take place within the company will be linked with different departments and you need to establish proper contact for each of them too. Therefore, you need to rely on appropriate telephone system. Here, we will talk about two highly sought after structures known as epabx system and sip phones.

EPABX system

The EPABX system comes from PBX systems. It is Private Branch Exchange that, taken into PABX, becomes Private Automatic Branch Exchange and further into EPABX which is Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. In truth, it is an automatic system where a central telephone will act as a switch for whole branch and receive calls from various lines. Soon, it will route the call to relevant department where individuals will be able to tackle with it.

It is one of the best models that may ask a little too much from your pocket when initial installation process occurs. However, soon you will realize that why these systems are preferred for saving money. The companies using this system will be able to communicate with the world through various channels that include ISDN, Analog, and VoIP.

The advantages to using this kind of step include sharing of resources as it will work automatically and calls will be connected without any human intervention. Moreover, it is a highly scalable system that you can expand as much as required without much trouble. Moreover, there are additional features integrated in it which include alarms, meeting reminders, appointments, night service, etc.

SIP phones

The SIP phones work on Open Standard SIP which helps in setting up and managing various phone calls. It is and IP based network that works on the principles of VoIP and are also sometimes referred to as VoIP system. These include telephones from two main categories which are hardphones and softphones.

The hardphones are much like your regular telephones and also work similar to them. However, they are manufactures using appropriate network aware technology and IP aware components that work according to the principles of VoIP. These phones connect to internet using Ethernet or WiFi which connects it to the IP Network. They also come with cordless devices that operate on DECT.

Then you have the softphone which is actually a software program that functions as a telephone. It also works on SIP and RTP protocols to deliver voice and will use either your desktop computers, tablets, or even smartphones. There is a diverse range of options for you to choose from and one can integrate these software in any smart device that has a microphone and a speaker (depending on the programming and build). The softphone options is highly sought after in SIP Phones as it can be operated from anywhere with the help of the program. Moreover, you can utilize different visual tools that are integrated in the software to track real time process and complaints, offers, check status, etc. You may like to contact the telephone system maker and put forward your requirements for SIP model and you are likely to have it all fulfilled with softphone.

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