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Discover These Easy And Affordable Sign Ideas

A new business needs to present the right message to its customer but at the same time, it needs to keep on a budget. A business sign often makes the company’s first impression to those who walk or drive by. The sign should be visible both during the day and at night for the overall maximum effect. When choosing the right sign for your company there are a number of options that include the design style, it’s size, and the material it’s made of.

Five Types Of Business Signs

  1. Painted Glass

Any business wanting an attractive sign on a budget might consider painted glass. This type of sign is low-cost and yet it can be very distinctive and attractive. It can cost less than $200 and if you have a bigger budget, then you can get a more intricate design. It is also possible to get a high-quality veneer sticker that looks very much the same as a hand-painted sign. If done by a professional, it can be put on in very little time and the cost can be even less than the painted glass.

This type of sign is so easy to design that you can actually get something of great quality for very inexpensive. It won’t require the installation that other types of signs will require and can be done anywhere where the place of business has glass windows facing traffic. The only drawback to this type of sign is the fact that under some circumstances it’s not as visible as other types of signs.

  1. Metal Lettering

This type of signage placed on a business storefront can look very professional and because it gives a 3d effect it adds interest and texture. This type of signage can often be done for $300 to $400 which is still very inexpensive. It looks elegant and highly professional and can often catch a person’s attention as they passed by. It’s possible to get this type of signage with lighting so that it’s just as visible at night as it is during the day.

  1. Awning With Sign

This type of sign not only stands out but can also offer customers some protection from rain and other elements of the weather when entering your place of business. The cost for this type of sign will vary depending on its size and the material used but usually, they will start at around a few hundred dollars. The awning allows you to put the name of your business on each side of the awning as well as on the front.

  1. Wood Sign

This can be an elegant business sign and yet is one of the cheapest ways a business can go. Depending on the type of wood used, letters for signs, and the detail of the sign engraved on it, the price could be less than $100. The choice of wood used can range from sturdy plywood to Oak, or cherry. The better-quality wood will, of course, run a bit more than the plywood.

  1. Punched Metal

Metal is highly durable, it looks modern, and it holds up well against the weather. Remarkably this can be one of the least expensive signs and it will still look fantastic. A 20 to 25-inch sign can run less than $100 plus the cost to install it. Much bigger signs can run a few hundred dollars.

Things To Consider When Designing A Business Sign

It is important that the sign uses a font that can be easily read even at a distance. The right font can be read quickly and easily and will give confidence to those who see it about the type of business it portrays.  Very fancy fonts often are difficult to read and get lost in their details.

The different colors that you choose are also very important. Not only will they give a particular feeling and portray the company in a certain way, but it’ll also determine how visible the sign is. Signs are made to be seen and that is the most important job the sign has. There have been studies that have shown that people will remember brands mostly by their company colors.

It has been found that pairing together darker and lighter shades is a winning match. When colors are vibrant they will often get the greatest amount of attention from lookers. It’s better to use only a fewer colors and there should be one that is dominant, and the rest should highlight the dominant one.

Choosing the right size for the location of the sign is another important factor. Generally speaking, the larger the sign the more visible it is. Even so, if the size is inappropriately large for its location it can distract from the purpose of the sign. The most important thing is that the size is appropriate enough that it can be attractive and yet remain large enough that it is easily visible, and the words can be easily read.

It’s important to remember that because a signs job is to be seen, if you put it in a location that makes it difficult to see then it will never live up to its promise. You are investing money into the sign and it is there to represent your company and so it’s just as important that you put it in a good location as it is that you give it good design.

The right sign will get the attention of those who pass by and will serve to portray the company in a positive light. The sign should show information that is accurate and up-to-date. It should be able to give its message with a quick glance of seeing it.

Regardless of how little or how much you paid for it, if it fails to be visible, easily readable, or to portray the image of the business, then it has failed as a sign. Take the time to follow the guide given here to achieve a sign that is able to serve your business well. It is worth the effort to get it right.

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