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Direct Property Group – Melbourne’s Property Growth Specialists

Investing in a property is not easy as everyone thinks it is. But when you invest in Direct Property Group or DPG, you know that you are in good hands since they are the leading sales and leasing services in Melbourne. They specialize in both residential and commercial investments. Whether its property management, sales and also leasing services.

If you want to make a change in how you handle your investments, better get in touch with DPG. If you intrigued with how they help individuals with maximizing their assets while creating a long-term relationship with their clients, this article is for you

What is Direct Property Group?

Direct Property Group is focused on helping you with your investments. They are well experienced in property investment for residential and commercial properties. They are amazing consultants, experts in tenanting, they can also help you maintain or sell your investment properties. DPG can assist you along the way in managing as every single day is different in this industry.

Services at Direct Property Group


You can definitely manage your own residential investment property. That is if you know what you are doing. But if you have limited knowledge on how to properly run this business, you might as well contact the experts. You can get a property consultant from DPG. The consultant would be able to handle all of these complicated aspects of your residential investment.

The consultant’s job will include choosing the tenant for you, managing the maintenance problems and also rental reviews. They are also responsible for projecting potential building works and renovations plans. DPG consultants are utilizing a hands-on method to make sure that you are maximizing the potential of your investment property.


 If your commercial asset is an office, or maybe a retail or industrial property investment, your DPG consultant will make sure that you have high-quality tenants. The ones that you can trust. They can also help minimize the tenant vacancies while improving the profitability of your commercial investments. Their ultimate goal is to help you make the right investment and turn it into a sustainable property where you gain rental yields.


DPG has the best specialists in residential and also commercial sales. They are known to work with local as well as international clients. They make sure that they build long-term and successful relationships to help you achieve your chosen investment goals. They follow the best marketing practices for a more positive return on investment.


DPG is the best in sales and leasing services in Melbourne. They offer investment solutions which focus on property-specific approach. They have a commercial team that is centered in focusing on their clients. Every strategy is tailor-fit to every investment to make sure that you achieve your targeted market.

Let Direct Property Group help you achieve your investment goals. You can start making an appointment with a consultant today and make a change with your investment style for better revenues. Remember that they are the best in Melbourne, so it is definitely worth a shot.

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