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Different Types and Advantages of Office Partitions

Office partitions are used across the globe in various businesses. They have grown to be mania popular choice in the office design and fitout industry over the last few years. With their ability to create modern, sophisticated yet trendy work atmosphere, they serve several practical functions by cutting the cost and they also create productive work environment. The main purpose of partitions is to ensure privacy of employees. It also offers easy and fastest way of modifying workspace if any expansion work happens in future. They are much cheaper than constructing permanent walls.

Types of Office Partitions

  • Floor to Ceiling partitions: Nowadays, many businesses are using these types of partitions for dividing the workspace up. Another name for these office partitions is “Full height” partitions. Here, mostly metals are used for making the partitions and metal frames are covered with cloth. Due to light weight, metals can be moved from one place to another, and rearranged easily without much effort. Moreover, they can be dismantled without any disturbance or problem.
  • Glass Partitions: Glass partitions are the next option in the market. These types of partitions are becoming most common because of the benefits they offer. These office partitions are usually made of glass and aluminum. Some of these partitions come with frame while some of them do not. You can either buy full height partitions or half according to your privacy needs. Glass office partition offers complete privacy, reduces noise, and it also allows enough light to flow across your workspace. Overall cost depends on the quality of the glass and framing.
  • Cubicles: Cubicles are the most common and basic partitions that are used by businesses today. These are the “half height” partitions and these offer privacy to some extent. Since the workspace design can be easily altered just by moving these cubicles around, this type office partitions offer enhanced convenience. Cubicles involve four walls and an opening to enter into the cubicle. Typically the fourth wall is half open and the workspace inside the cubicle includes work desk and other essential fixtures.
  • Portable partitions: These typed of partitions are usually found on rollers. As the name says, these partitions are portable. These are highly preferred by people looking for temporary solution for partitioning. Unlike other partitioning solutions, portable partitions offer minimal privacy.
  • Accordion Walls: These types of partitions are similar to portable partitions. You can adjust them in many ways. They provide full enclosure similar to “floor to ceiling” partitions.

Benefits of Using Office Partitions

  • Partitions can further increase the sense of concentration at workplace, as they significantly reduce the amount of distractions, and keep employees separate from each other. No one prefers to overhear their colleague’s conversation or phone calls while they focus on the work.
  • Office partitions enhance privacy. Privacy is very important at workplace, especially if the individual wants to attend calls (related to sensitive subjects) and there are other people around who could possibly overhear the conversation.
  • Partitions are helpful for dividing the workspace into individual departments. Partition makes visitors or new employees to find their way around quickly and easily.
  • You can increase the storage space just by attaching baskets to partition walls. You could also have whiteboards, you can use your own boards for writing important notes as a reminder or else you can use other’s boards if you want to leave some messages for them.
  • Office partitions also increase aesthetic factor as they add attractiveness to the workplace. You can choose from variety of colors and materials like timber, fabric, glass, etc., to enhance the look.

Overall, office partitions can have a powerful impact in a workplace. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the place as well as provide privacy. Moreover, different sections and partitions are helpful for storage and keeping things at defined place.  

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