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Corporate Golf Membership

We’ve all had goals of joining the local golf club, haven’t we?

However, think of all those things that have put us off – cost, rigid rules and elitism to name but a few.

Suppose there was a new way to enjoy golf, avoid all those barriers to joining a golf club and still receive all the benefits?

Well, the good news is there is, and it’s called corporate golf club membership.

Let’s tell you a little more about corporate golf club membership, and why it’s the modern way to play golf.

Corporate golf club membership is flexible

Nobody likes rules that are too rigid, right? By joining a corporate golf club membership, you will become a Corporate Member and you have flexible options for playing golf.

In a Corporate golf club membership, you will still have the benefits of joining a golf club without the hassle. Using a points-based membership, you will be entitled to:-

  • 7 days a week golf course access
  • priority booking,
  • access for friends to play
  • hold a handicap
  • club competitions
  • home club golf membership
  • discounts in golf shops, food and drink

Saving the best until last, a corporate golf club membership allows you access to other golf clubs away from your ‘home’ club too.

Corporate golf club membership is affordable

Corporate golf club membership provides a very reasonable cost. Rather than a monthly fee, you pay once and receive points for access to golf.

Whenever you play, you use a few points from your balance. A typical corporate golf club membership for one year grants around 50 rounds of gold. More points can be purchased and so you never lose out paying golf fees even if you are not playing.

 Corporate golf club membership is innovative

A Corporate golf club membership is suitable for individuals, small business and companies alike. The only difference is a higher fee grants a higher amount of points, which can be used for groups, competitions and corporate golf days (great for entertaining clients!).

Without the overheads of expensive gold club fees, a corporate golf club membership provides truly modern and flexible convince for playing golf – without the hassle!

Corporate golf club membership allows you to play at other golf clubs

With your corporate golf club membership, you can use your points and priority booking across a wide range of golf courses throughout the country.

Corporate golf club membership is ideal for all ages and skill levels

Whether you play off a handicap, or are just a new golfer, a corporate golf club membership will allow you build your skills at your own pace, where you want and when you want.

No need to keep avoiding those ‘serious’ golfers, with a corporate golf club membership you decide when you want to play, and soon your skills will be rising but not your gold club membership fees!

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