Choose a Security Guard Who Is SIA-Qualified

In the UK, security guards who are SIA (Security Industry Authority)-qualified show that they have been properly trained to do their jobs. This type of qualification also shows that guards working in the industry have followed a training programme that involves obtaining the skills needed for obtaining a licence. Guards who do not hold SIA-endorsed qualifications cannot obtain licences.

The Role of the Security Industry Authority in the UK

The Security Industry Authority was formed under the 2001 Private Security Industry Act. Therefore, the agency is responsible for regulating the private security field across the UK. This is done in order to reduce the amount of criminal activity, elevate standards, and recognise premium service.

What an SIA Licence Covers

The SIA licence, in turn, was developed to improve the image of security industry. The licence covers the following responsibilities:

  • Manned security roles
  • Physical security
  • CCTV surveillance

SIA Training

Again, security guard companies in Leeds that employ SIA-licenced guards ensure that security operatives are well trained to do their jobs. Since 2001, it has been mandatory for people who work in the security field to take SIA training and possess valid and current licences. Anyone who holds an SIA licence must take certain courses and pass the tests. He or she may also need to take first aid training.

Jobs That Require an SIA Licence

Some of the jobs that require the use of an SIA licence include the following:

  • Door supervisor
  • Close protection
  • CCTV monitor
  • Security guard
  • Transporters of valuables and ash
  • Vehicle immobilisation operatives

Security guards who hold SIA licences know how to handle situations that require conflict management skills. They may work as static guards in corporate or retail environments or may serve as guards in licenced premises at bars, events, or clubs where alcohol is served.

The Presence of a Uniformed Guard Enhances Security

A uniformed guard in your business location automatically enables you to strengthen security and to make sure that any safety and health practices are followed. Guards can be employed to work in both covert and overt roles.

Adding CCTV Surveillance Equipment and Support

You can enhance your security even further by adding closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance. If you work with a company that offers the services of security guards and CCTV monitoring, you can ensure the ultimate in security for your retail store or office.

Both security and health and safety work hand in hand when it comes to making a workplace an agreeable and secure environment. Therefore, make sure that you work with a company that is devoted to offering all these services to ensure the comfort and protection of your customers and employees.

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