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Brand Power: Simple Ways To Stand Out At Conferences

Whether it’s a conference, networking event, or tradeshow, making an impression can be tough.  Making a lasting impression can be even tougher!  There’s a lot of competition out there, but there’s also a lot of ways to stand out from the crowd and increase your brand awareness.  With online tools and creative ways to customize just about anything, businesses big and small are making big waves to get their brand recognized

Name Tagged

First impressions still matter, and easy way to do so is by being personal right off the bat.  A time tested approach to this is with nametags, the logic being if someone knows your name they know a little about you personally which opens the door for communication.  However, gone are the days of the plain tag.  Try creating magnetic backed badges made of high quality Styrene.  With its ability to be cut into any shape you like, incredibly custom badges of logos, hashtags, and slogans are not only popular for your branding, they can be a popular swag item too.

Get Stuck

Stickers may seem like an obvious go-to, but the simple sticker has come a long way.  Most people these days use incredible vinyl logo decals to cover their laptops, journals, cell phone cases and the like.  With heavy-weight vinyl decals of your logo or mascot you’re not only giving potential clients a freebie they’ll actually use, you’re also increasing pedestrian viewership of your brand.


Getting on social media is an essential part in brand recognition, but it can be easy to get lost in a sea of hashtags and re-posts.  To set yourself apart, make social media about the area your event is taking place in.  this can appeal to local clients, and shows other clients how in-touch your brand is.  While the event is taking place, posting photos about where your booth is and how much you’re enjoying the event itself can catch the eye of potential clients in many different sectors.

Get Active

Standing around all day talking to a bunch of strangers can not only get a little tedious for you but for potential clients attending the event as well.  To put a pep in everyone’s step, a simple interactive component to your booth or display can be a welcome change of pace.  Interactive apps on tablets, or games that exert skill can draw people to you, and keep them there for longer, meaning conversations about your client and your brand can last longer.  A fun prize or discount is of course essential to sealing the deal.

Eyes on the Prize

We’ve already talking about stickers, but these days freebies and swag items need to go one step further.  Ditch the pens and stress balls for something cool like flashy temporary tattoos or even laser printed patches.  With custom iron-ons you can even get endlessly creative with decking out the tote bag your swag comes in.  With customized products and tactics, your brand will feel personalized for your clients, which is always a guaranteed and simple way to stand out.

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