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Boat Finance Tips: The Best Way To Pay For Your Perfect Boat

You can travel around amidst the sea, wondering the wonders of the sea with your very own boat. If not, you can go for rented boats that are available for a limited time. Nonetheless, for some owning a  boat is like dream come true. Well, for some it is not feasible to own a boat due to insufficient funds in the account. If, it enables you to stop buying a boat of your own. Well, then, the best way to own a boat is to get a boat financing, as boat loans are easily available to materialize your dream.

So, you’ve decided to sail on a new boat, and it’s time to consider your financing options. Several banks provide flexible financing services to purchase or refinance new or used boats. Therefore, it is essential to know where and how to take the approach. With the right lender, boating may be more affordable than you think. Just decide if you are willing to buy a brand new boat or a used one.

Different financing offers for boats are:

  • Loans for higher performance boats, Electric boats, powerboats
  • Financing on custom boats as well houseboats
  • Loans on Sailboats
  • Pontoon Boats loan offers
  • Multi Hull Boats loaning
  • Boat Loan ranging from minimum of $10,000 – $4,000,000 maximum
  • Financing on classic boats as old as model from the year 1919

Basics of The Boat Financing:

Well, before opting for loan, you should understand the basics of the boat financing. While some of the banks charge extra rate of  interest for older classic boats. However, some lenders do lend only 10 years model or newer. While other banks only  lend on 5 years and newer, while some for 10 years and newer, some even go up to 20 years and a few up to 30 years depending on their criteria. There are boat financers working with leading marine lenders, and are able to propose reasonable rates and terms to help you purchase a new boat or refinance your existing boat loan. You are recommended to review the information before filling out a free online application or paper application.

Well, dealers generally have established relationships with several finance sources. They also have access to extended warranty programs that can be included in your financing. They have sound relationship with boat manufacturers; dealers help them to offer special finance programs on certain brands or models. Now such programs might comprise delayed first payment, no interest for several months, or lower rates for a limited time. Moreover, you can seek expert advice in state of confusion.

Things to Know About Boat Financing

  • Do assessment of finance prior to investing in pre-owned boat: first, you need to calculate budget before investing, as per your income. There are different option you can opt for such as,  monthly loan payments, down payment, boat storage costs, upkeep and repairs, gas, insurance, etc. However, prepare yourself for the  down payment.
  • Financing: A right decision- Financing will enable you to fulfil your dream of owning a boat. On the other hand, you can seek loan from a marine financing company using the boat as a collateral.
  • Comparative study of the best available offers: A smart move can be comparison of the offers from the lenders. You need to look for the best deal keeping in mind your financial state.
  • Try to negotiate things: Negotiation will enable you to own a boat at lowest term fitting into your monthly expenditure.

However, these are some important points to remember, but you need to calculate the taxes applicable on such purchase before making final deal of getting boat loan.


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