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A Virtual Solution for Holiday Mail & Packages:

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, you’re in for mail catastrophe. Your mailbox will soon be overflown with Christmas cards, party invitations from friends and family plus postcards from distant relatives!

The holiday season is a busy one, and last-minute Christmas shopping and holiday greetings will stress you out. Cards get lost; packages are stolen or delivered to the wrong address and this will only ruin your holiday spirit.

Wouldn’t it be great if you got all those holiday cards without needing to go to the Post Office or constantly check your mail? What if you could buy your Christmas presents early and keep them stored until you need them delivered to you or anyone else? Sounds good, right?

With a virtual mailbox, you can do that and more. Let’s see how a virtual mailbox can help amidst the holiday chaos and automate your mail.

  1. Unrestricted to deadlines:

Online shopping can be hectic during the holidays, even more, if you wait until last minute, last week even! Almost everything is out of stock and deadlines for deliveries by Christmas are expensive and inaccurate.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx mostly have deadlines set for mail by December 20, the latest and Amazon shoppers need to get their shopping done at least a week before Christmas to meet the Amazon deadline. But why rush yourself before the holidays?

With PostScan Mail you can do your online shopping and stock up before the holidays without needing to worry about deadlines or cluttering your home.

Offering a free 30-day physical storage space, you can have your packages persevered at secure, high-tech facilities until you want them forwarded to you or to any other address you choose.

  1. Delivery Accuracy:

By logging into your mailbox, you’d be able to view and control your mail online. When new mail arrives at our facilities, the envelope of the mail piece or package is scanned and sent to you.

You have a lot of options to choose from on how you’d like to handle your mail. You can forward, open & scan, shred, archive, or recycle it. This means you can do all your online shopping early and we’ll be your personal Santa and have your packages delivered on time to your desired location.

And for all those cards and greetings? You can quickly sort through them, classify them into folders or have them forwarded to you, all with a click.

  1. Package Convenience:

Have you ever shopped online and received a broken product? Postal mail standard packaging is barely sufficient and is easily damaged. With a virtual mailbox you’re given a real street address so are no longer limited to USPS. You can send and receive packages from UPS, FedEx or DHL too. Private couriers use better packaging to protect your products like efficient bubble wrap and cushions to prevent breaking or damage.

VirtualMailbox ship domestically and internationally with whatever shipping method you prefer and your packages are even consolidated conveniently before shipping for lower shipping fees!

So if you’re away for the holidays, overseas on business or on vacation and want to manage your mail and packages easily and on time, you need a virtual mailbox.

  1. Mail Security & Safety:

Package theft rate increases more than usual during the holiday season. An average of 23 million Americans a year have at least one package stolen from their doorstep and it’s only getting higher.

Online shopping, especially purchasing expensive merchandise increases in the holidays. This means your loss will only be doubled if anything goes wrong. Porch pirates and snatchers are always lurking nearby and make a living out of holiday packages. So how do you avoid becoming the next victim?

By using a digital mailbox instead of a physical mailbox, you’re protecting your mail and packages from falling into the wrong hands. Your mail is delivered to state-of-the-art facilities using only the latest technology to handle your mail. VirtualMailbox experts are all certified, experienced employees, working under 24/7 surveillance plus around the clock security guards at the facilities. Your packages will be safe and sound until you need them forwarded. This way, you can rest assured knowing your holiday will be worry-free.

How to sign up for a Virtual Mailbox?   

Go to PostScan Mail and pick a street address from over 20 locations nationwide. Then you choose one of the three tailored price plans according to your needs (these plans feature the full price, no hidden fees).

When you’re done, you’re offered a 30-day free trial (no start-up fees) to experiment with your mailbox, start handling your mail and use all the mailbox features.

Save yourself the trouble and stress this year by treating yourself to a virtual mailbox. Let us handle your holiday mail and packages while you enjoy your holiday!

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