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A Quick Guide To Branded Workwear

We are always told just how important first impressions can be and this doesn’t just apply to our personal lives, it’s important to work too.

This is the reason why there are so many different types of branded uniforms across the many different industries.

Branded Workwear very important in enabling any business to present themselves and their company’s values to customers at the first point of contact.

So, to make sure you get your businesses uniform just right, here’s a quick guide to branded workwear.

Knowing Your Industry

The first thing to consider in order to make sure you really nail your branded workwear is to understand your industry.

There’s a massive difference between the uniforms that a bank employee might wear in comparison to a fast food member of staff, even though they will both include branding.

We spoke to uniform branding business Stitch Embroidery who explained this further. They said, “The two major parts to consider when creating a branded uniform are the use of brand colours and the application of the logo.”

“For industries which have relatively casual uniforms, such as clothes shops, fast food restaurants or tech stores, bright, block colours are regularly used. Multiple uses of logos are also commonplace.”

“In stark contrast, industries which require a more formal attire tend to be more subtle in their use of striking colour schemes as dial down the use of logos. Great examples of this include travel agents, bank staff and restaurant front of house employees.”

Consider Industry influencers

If you are a relatively new business or an established one which is looking to change your workwear, it’s well worth taking a look at the types of uniform worn by your competitors and industry influencers.

For example, consider the success and evolution of the McDonald’s uniform (which features among other in this post from Mother Jones) and how it created a template for other fast food restaurant uniforms to be designed.

Very few people are lucky enough to work for the market leader in any sector, so it’s about understanding what works and how you can maximise a proven style into something that works best for you, rather than simply copying someone else.

Being Respectful of Your Staff

The third thing to think about is how comfortable your employees will be with wearing the branded workwear you design.

While a uniform might tick all of the branding boxes for you, it won’t be much use if they feel like fools wearing it!

There are a number of great examples where perhaps decision-makers got it wrong in this post from I Hate Working In Retail, including big names like Domino’s and Burger King.

Branded workwear in the modern workplace is vital in communicating your businesses message at the first point of contact with potential customers. For this reason, it really has to be taken seriously.

From reading through this quick guide to branding workwear, hopefully, you’ll find your business in a better position to invest in a new staff uniform, no matter of your industry.


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