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A Guide to Producing a Corporate Video

The production of a corporate video is something best left to the professionals, after all, the end product will directly impact upon your business image. A poor production will imply a weak and ineffective business, and will indeed prove counterproductive.

Whereas a professionally commissioned, slick, production will enhance your business image and drive customers in the ‘right direction’.

So, put your £30 hand-held video away and start looking for an experienced production company.

  • What to look for?

First and foremost you’ll need to be reassured that the production company only employs the very best video producers. You’ll need to establish a few credentials before committing to any projects:

  1. Has the video producer the necessary qualification and experience to fulfil your requirements?
  2. Can you view examples of their work?
  3. Are they innovative in outlook and able to develop and steer your project towards an effective conclusion?

A good production team will have a sound portfolio and host of experience to draw upon. Their portfolio should cover a range of filming techniques and genres, from dramatic effect to humorous cartoons.

The search to find the right video producer may well take some time. And, more alarmingly, your final judgement and choice, could prove to be an unmitigated, costly disaster!

  • Look for recommendations of others

Trying to ascertain the suitability of anyone you intend to employ can be tricky, especially when wading into a niche market such as video production.

Therefore the recommendations of others is an extremely helpful marker. And by others, I mean those who have experience of, and been more than happy with, the service.

There is however an even more reliable form of recommendation; and that’s one from someone with specialist knowledge, someone working within the video production industry!

  • Where can I find such ‘professional’ recommendations?

Well, you could search the internet and then search and search some more.

Or, you could bypass all this frustration and anxiety by going directly to a video production agency; one such as VEBU.

Vebu is a well-established video production agency that has developed, in its own words, a community of award winning video producers.

The agency has all the contacts and is able to cut straight to the chase; saving you valuable time and unnecessary anxiety.

  • What exactly does Vebu offer?

Vebu offers a complete and impressive service. Initially all you need do is go to the homepage on their website and click on ‘post a brief’. From here on you will be guided through the initial process.

This is your opportunity to described, as best you can, the kind of service you require. At this point you are not making any commitment merely seeking the guidance of experts.

Vebu will help create a coherent and comprehensive brief based upon the information you supply.

They will then match your brief with an appropriately ‘qualified’ video producer; one with the necessary specialist skills to fulfil your expectations.

  • In conclusion

How people perceive your business is down to presentation. Get that wrong and negative perception will do you no favours whatsoever.

Corporate video production, if done well, is a godsend for the wellbeing and advancement of any business … money well invested!

Advance your business, but first talk with VEBU; let them guide you through the labyrinth.

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