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A Guide to Hiring a Metal Pressing Company

If you need some stamping (metal pressing) carried out within your business, it is more than likely you will have to look for a company that provides metal pressing services. Companies like Regent Engineers, based in Leicester, would serve much of the East Midlands region and specialises in metal pressing, forming, fabrication, press tooling and CNC machining.

Metal stamping is an intricate service that provides precision and tailored pressing for industry of all sectors. Among the industrial sectors that use metal stamping are agriculture, aerospace, huge appliances, construction industry, plumbing and air-conditioning. The full list is extensive and covers just about every industry going.

The intimate concept of metal pressing is that each sector requires a specific application depending on that customers’ needs and demands. Every industry demands a different method for pressing, bending or embossing the metal – and a metal pressing company will be adapted to serve that end.

Bending metal is a popular operation performed by metal pressing businesses. It is where the sheet is bent or reformed along a straight line. The operation of flanging is where the sheet is bent along a curved lineage.

Another popular operation performed by metal stamping services like Regent Engineers is the blanking of sheet metal – where a piece is removed or cut away from the sheet, in order to make a different process at a later stage of the pressing.

The motor industry is one sector that has a great deal of need for metal pressing services. Stretching operations on the metal is where the surface of the sheet is ramped up by tension, to make smooth car parts or bodywork.

Regent Engineers has consistently invested in the latest technologies to meet demand from industry. Design software has been implemented and upgraded, CNC machining centres installed and the introduction of robotic welding to meet market demands, offers a go-to solution for metal pressing needs.

Check for things like ISO 9001 certification when hiring a metal pressing company. Also a business that provides economical and precise solutions for metal pressing. The operation of metal ironing (to make aluminium cans and cases) is a delicate method of squeezing and reducing thickness in the metal.

If this type of operation is not performed with precision and the correct design, it could prove costly over time to the client. Therefore, economical measures and precision are two needs that must be met by the metal pressing company going forward.


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