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4 Ways To Optimize Your Office For Success

Office design can affect your bottom line in more ways than you think. Great office design can boost your work performance by as much as 20%, whereas poor design can derail your productivity and affect your health. According to studies, stressful office environments are costing the US economy an estimated $300 billion annually. In addition, over 1 million Americans miss work each day due to office-related stress. So much is lost simply because companies refuse to upgrade their facilities.

For this reason, coworking spaces are gaining popularity among employees and startups. Stacked with all sorts of cool amenities and optimized for productivity, coworking spaces provide the perfect environment for  creativity and collaboration. Whether you’re looking for a place to get some “me time” or a shared office in Plano, Texas, outsourcing your office space is something you should definitely consider.

Need some tips on improving your office? Here are some of the ways you can build a better workplace:

  1. Pay Attention To Lighting And Ventilation

People, like animals, are shaped and influenced by the environment. Although you may not notice it, your office’s lighting and ventilation can have immense effects on your mood and productivity. According to studies, a well-lit and well-ventilated office can improve job satisfaction by 24%, increase productivity by 16%, and reduce absenteeism. A poorly-lit and poorly-ventilated office, on the other hand, can diminish your productivity and lead to all sorts of health problems.

Replace harsh fluorescent lights with gentler LEDs and halogen bulbs. Or, better yet, draw back the blinds and curtains and let some sun in. Natural light is not only a great source of vitamin D, it’s also much easier on the eyes and on the electricity bill as well.

Take a cue from Goldilocks and keep your temperature at “just right”. According to scientists at Cornell, you can double your output simply by keeping the thermostat at or close to 78F. Most offices are 68-74F, which is a hair too cold. Ask the management to turn the thermostat down a bit; you’ll be surprised how much better it feels.

  1. Replace Obsolete Equipment

Few things ruin the flow of office work more than outdated equipment. Instead of sticking it out with that old photocopying machine or that box-type computer from the 90’s, just go out and buy a new one. If a piece of equipment is on its last legs (read: barely functional), you’ll know.

Some things are worth spending on. Good, reliable technology is one of them.

  1. Decorate Your Work Desk With Plants

Nature is cheaper than therapy. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to brighten up an office is with plants. Studies show that keeping plants and greens at your desk can improve your mood and boost your creativity by 15%.

Decorate your desk with office-friendly plants like succulents and mosses. Unlike most garden plants, these only require minimal gardening. Just a few hours’ worth of sunlight and a bit of water twice a week, and you’re good to go.

  1. Invest In A Coworking Space

Now, if you’re an employee or if you work in a startup, there’s only so much you can do to improve the office. Go for a more affordable alternative and visit your local coworking space.

Working in Texas? Check out for awesome and affordable coworking spaces.

Office design is one of the most underrated components of building a productive company. If you’re feeling stressed at your workplace, consider these tips for a better, more efficient office.

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