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4 Overlooked Tools You Need in Your Office Building

If you’re a business owner then you know that where you have your office to meet customers and clients really matters. A great office not only impresses customers with your professionalism, but it’s also built to improve employee satisfaction. The right space can make employees more productive, lead to more sales for your products and services, and help team members adopt a happier, more positive attitude. If you’re thinking about moving to a new business location, then here are 4 overlooked tools you need in your office building.

Vending machines with healthy snacks

Employees and visitors to your office building will enjoy having snacks around. If your office building doesn’t include a food court with the hottest restaurants and coffeeshops, that’s okay! All you need is the basics. When employees are on break, they like to relax and this usually happens in a central location around food. But you really shouldn’t have your employees look for candy bars and soda. Instead, have healthy snack options in your office’s vending machines. When you offer healthy snacks to employees, they have more energy, feel better, and can tackle anything that happens during the day.

Mail collection and copying services

The right office space provides professional services to your team members to help them save on time. Forget having employees travel to USPS or Kinko’s. Instead, select an office space that offers mail collection and has copying services available. It will save tons of time for your employees, and ensure that all marketing materials are professionally done in-house. If you cannot afford an office space that offers these services, then at least have access to a mailbox and printer within a few blocks of your space. When it comes down to a pinch, these services will be vital.

Laundry services

Business owners are increasingly worried about whether their employees are comfortable enough to do their job well. Some even take it as far to offer laundry services, food delivery, and more modern conveniences to their staff while at work. In today’s busy world, most people work at least full time if not a couple jobs. Your office should work with a commercial washer like Continental Girbau to help plan laundry services for staff. Although it might seem like an unnecessary luxury, you might be surprised just how much your employees enjoy your commitment to taking care of them. You can find more about the benefits of offering laundry services on-site at

On-site parking

No, your business probably doesn’t need a valet or high-end parking services. But you should at least offer dedicated parking space to your staff and customers. If your business is heavily trafficked, you’ll absolutely want to ensure that you have enough space in the parking lot to get everyone into your business during your busy hours. Otherwise, you’ll miss a lot of additional business. If you don’t expect many visitors throughout the day, negotiate with the office space to save a few committed parking spaces for you, or speak to the businesses in the area to learn whether it would be okay to share parking space.

So these are the 4 overlooked tools you need in your office space. Are there any other office building amenities or features you need in a building? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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