4 Challenges That Are Associated With Organizing A Conference

Enterprises, educational institutions and research organizations need to organize conferences from time to time. The purposes may be diverse but the challenges are always the same. Organizing a conference is not a cakewalk because there is so much involved- you have to ensure that you are able to fulfill the key objective without sounding “frivolous”. It is a serious event that needs to have the interest element so that you can engage the attendees. A professional event organizer can help you overcome the entire challenges and ensure that you host a successful conference. Let us understand the challenges involved in organizing a conference:

  1. Understanding the expectations of the delegates

A conference is meant to pass an important message to the delegates and is considered successful only if you are able to meet their expectations. This makes it crucial to understand their mindset, motivations, likes and dislikes. A professional event manager will start by creating delegate persona to study the typical segments of the audience that will be attending the event. Further, they will think of ways to connect with the delegates through the event, right from the channels used to reach out to them to the ways to keep them engaged during the conference.

  1. Planning the conference well in time

Most of the organizations are so keen to kick off that they are tempted to jump right in without having a proper plan of action. This can cause a lot of stress and sometimes even bring some unpleasant surprises in the last minute. Start by finalizing a venue that will be good enough to host the conference considering the factors such as the number of attendees, feasibility, timeline, budget, etc. It is always better to book well in advance so that you are not pressed for a good location or services at the last moment. Anticipating every little thing helps but you can still face issues in the end, so it is better to be prepared to sort them out. Having an experienced, professional event management agency to handle the project is the best way to make it hassle-free.

  1. Engaging the delegates

The next, and perhaps that biggest challenge of holding a successful conference, is to engage the delegates. Getting their attention and keeping it throughout the event can be an uphill task, particularly is the conference is going to last for a few days and includes multiple long sessions. This may make it difficult to stick to the main objective and make an impact, while ensuring that the audience does not get bored. The content that you serve to the audience really matters as it has the power to keep them connected and interested. For instance, you can mix in an informative demo, a motivational speech or an interactive activity with the conventional lectures and workshops to spice up the event. Having an interesting theme and encouraging each delegate to participate actively also helps. At the same time, it is important to schedule periodic refreshment breaks so that the audience gets time to refuel and does not feel overstressed.

  1. Choosing the right speakers

A conference will definitely require some lectures and talks, which makes it important to choose the right kind of speakers. Someone who is able to grab the attention of the audience and hold it on would be an ideal speaker for the event. Keep the best person for the start because the first speaker can influence the audience and determine their engagement levels for the entire event. While choosing the speakers for your conference, connect with them at a personal level so that you can make out how well they interact with the audience. A speaker represents your organization at the event, which is the reason that you should pay attention to choosing someone who is good and is able to connect with the delegates. You can have an industry leader to speak at the conference or even an in-house team member who knows the organization really well. It is a good idea to have a mix of speakers who can add flavor to the event by covering different topics in their unique ways.

The challenges of organizing successful events seem massive but there are ways to deal with them. You can find a professional event management partner at websites such as to help. These professionals have experience at holding various kinds of events, which makes them capable of addressing such challenges with the right solutions. There are several event apps that leverage the latest technologies to streamline every small aspect of holding events, from holding surveys and notifying delegates.

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