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4 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Engagement

How well do your employees feel engaged with your business? If the answer is not at all, then you probably feel like your employees aren’t putting as much effort as they could, or should be, on your business’ behalf. But don’t worry, every business struggles with employee engagement at some time. Luckily, you can correct the low engagement problem simply, if you just start with a solid plan and initiate it. And remember, how satisfied your employees are with your company is different from having high engagement. You can have employees that love your business, but still refuse to put effort into their work. If you need help correcting this issue then here are 4 awesome ways to improve your engagement.

  1.      Make it easy for employees to collaborate and work together

What makes employees feel disconnected from the business? Often, it’s due to not feeling involved with the main processes of the business. If you have a team of remote workers, or everyone in the office just prefers to work alone without connecting with anyone else, then this could be why you have low engagement levels. Use business Skype conference calls to check in with everyone at the office, or just get a meeting started where everyone can talk about what they’re working on and see how everyone else can help. Don’t make it about improving your engagement levels. Instead, allow it to be a platform where everyone can talk, share their ideas, and their goals. The easier it is for everyone to collaborate, the better your employee engagement will be.

  1.      Establish goals and responsibilities from the beginning

Do your employees currently understand what their role is and what they should be doing? If not, there can be some confusion about what they’re supposed to be working on, and what their role is. Whenever you notice that someone isn’t exactly spending their time well, go over the goals and responsibilities you expect from your employee. This is especially important whenever you delegate work to your team members.

  1.      Have the onboarding process down for new hires

Part of establishing goals and responsibilities comes from creating the perfect onboarding process. This will help you engage and retain great talent for your business, while setting everyone on the same page from day one. You can even create an onboarding package that uses technology with videos, podcasts, and more. This will help people feel connected to your business and make them want to engage with other employees from the onset.

  1.      Make your office environment unique

Perhaps your office doesn’t feel like a space that can help people establish connections. If this is the case, then it’s probably time for an office makeover. Not sure what to do with your old cubicles and other outdated office assets? A trade barter company like Sherwood Integrated Solutions can help. At you can get rid of assets you no longer need and barter with other companies that provide services and assets for your business. Creating an inviting work space will improve employee engagement and help people connect with one another.

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