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3 important skills you can develop in face-to-face sales

Face-to-face sales can be a varied, interesting and rewarding career. It can also provide you with the perfect opportunity to hone a range of skills that can help you at work and in your life more generally.

One woman who understands the advantages of working in this field is Amelia Mills. Writing a blog post for Appco UK after working as a self-employed brand ambassador for just six months, she highlighted a range of abilities she’d picked up in her role that she said could help her to pursue any career path she chooses. Here are three of the skills she identified.

  1. Strong communication

In the Appco Group blog, Amelia suggested that the “best expertise” she’d developed while working in sales was strong communication. She said that meeting people on a daily basis from different countries and ethnicities, as well as different age groups, gives you a chance to understand a range of cultures. In turn, this helps you to express yourself in different ways and to explain things in terms that are accessible to each individual.

  1. Excellent customer service

Effective customer service is also something that face-to-face sales helps you to develop, according to Amelia. She said that this is a key focus for both Appco UK and the company’s clients, adding that ensuring you treat people properly and keep customers happy is a valuable ability to have in “almost every other line of work”.

  1. Increased confidence

You might consider confidence to be more of a trait than a skill, but there’s no denying it’s something you can improve on, and it can prove invaluable in a whole range of careers. You don’t have to be brimming with confidence when you start working in sales, but this type of role can help you to become more self-assured.

Amelia suggested that this line of work makes you see how much more you’re capable of achieving. By working for yourself, you are very aware that each of your successes is down to you. She also pointed out that face-to-face sales teaches you to deal with people saying no. She added that you learn to face rejection without letting it get you down. You simply move onto the next conversation, “which is almost always a positive one”.

As well as the skills identified by Amelia, working in sales can help you to develop your abilities in a whole range of areas, including organisation and time management.

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